I can't recommend Fiona's pilates classes enough!  I had tried pilates before but I didn't feel it made any difference to my chronic back problem.  After an osteopath recommended I give pilates another go I found Fiona's class and it's been a completely different experience.  She took the time to really help me get my back pain under control and I'm now able to run again which I never thought possible.  The classes are friendly and good fun and they have made a huge difference to my core strength and back mobility.


Fiona has been absolutely amazing and I cannot thank her enough. Her classes are great fun and relaxed and you never feel like you are being judged or can't ask for help. She is extremely caring and helpful and her attention to detail, checking throughout the class that you are doing everything right has made such a difference. I really felt I was improving week by week. 

Her antenatal classes were also brilliant and I honestly believe that my fast recovery since having my son has a lot to do with what I learnt in Fiona's classes. I used some of the exercises during my labour and it made such a difference. Even my midwife commented and agreed which is testament I feel to how good the classes are. I can't wait to be able to return to her classes when I am allowed too and carry on my pilates journey.


I started attending Fiona's classes post natal to work on my abdominal muscles' separation and improve my pelvic floor. 

It was important for me to find a physio instructor led Pilates class given the severity of my situation.  I feel this differentiates Fiona's class to other Pilates classes, as I attend with confidence in the knowledge that Fiona is a trained professional and keeps the class size to a small group to allow her to check in with my technique to ensure that I am not doing anything that may hamper my recovery.

Fiona has been incredibly supportive to me in my early months of motherhood.  She is personable and cares, she understood how I was feeling and has not only helped my physical condition but also mentally.  I previously thought I had no hope of getting my strength back to allow me to do the things I once enjoyed but with Fiona's help things are improving.

I only wish I'd found Fiona sooner!

Fiona has been brilliant! I have done both pilates and antenatal pilates classes with her and both have been fantastic. She is very attentive and I have definitely seen progress over the weeks, being able to do things I couldn't early on. Would highly recommend to anyone whether you have done pilates or not!

I've been attending Fiona's pilates classes for a while now and find them really beneficial. I have very hypermobile joints and was about 6-9months post-section of a (large!) baby when I joined and Fiona has really helped rebuild my core strength and regain a better posture which in turn has done wonders for improving my back pain. She is very approachable and knowledgeable as a teacher, and will notice even tiny things that help me get the best out of my exercises (watch that ribcage!).

I would highly recommend her classes to anyone considering them - having an experienced physiotherapist at the helm is a huge plus over other classes. They're also really sociable and you'll meet lots of nice people too!

Fiona’s classes are positively inspiring. She is wonderfully welcoming and very encouraging and goes to great lengths to adapt classes and stretches to suit individuals. Before attending classes I was struggling to move courtesy of a slipped disc, thanks to Fiona and her classes I now have full range of movement again and my pain has drastically reduced. Thanks Fiona!

Fiona's antenatal Pilates have been great! Even for someone who has never done Pilates before! After each class I felt like I had done a great workout without have to strain myself or be out of breath. I always had the best sleep after the class and it really helped with my painful hip. Highly recommend this class and can't wait to rejoin after I've had my baby.